Tillandsia leiboldiana v. mora

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Tillandsia leiboldiana v. mora is a cultivar of Tillandsia leiboldiana, a species native to Costa Rica. This cultivar is distinguished by its lilac tones in its leaves and inflorescence. Its green and fine leaves that are soft to the touch form a beautiful deposit rosette, that is, it accumulates and stores water in the center like many other Bromeliaceae. Lilac floral bractea and purple flowers. It is a plant that appreciates high relative humidity and light intensity to bring out its best coloration. Frequent waterings leaving water in the center of the plant. It is grateful to be in fast-draining substrate (substrate for orchids) or well mounted on a drift wood with sphagnum moss and high humidity. Easy to care if it is in good light and with frequent waterings. Good indoor plant.


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+/- 10 x 15 cm


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